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RestfulSleep  utilizes the Watermark Home Sleep Study Test known as the ARES

The Apnea Risk Evaluation System (ARES™) integrates physiological data acquired in-home with clinical history and anthropomorphic data to determine the presence and severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). ARES™ has been cleared for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is ISO 13485 certified for Europe and Canada.

ARES™ Home Sleep test Device integrates:


A sleep-wearable, wireless physiological recorder worn on the forehead that acquires and stores up to 3 nights of nocturnal data. ARES measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate (reflectance pulse oximetry), airflow (by nasal cannula connected to a pressure transducer), snoring levels (calibrated acoustic microphone), head movement and head position (accelerometers). When worn in the home, the ARES provides a better profile of the patient's breathing during sleep in his/her normal environment. Audio and visual indicators notify the user when the ARES requires adjustment, thus increasing reliability of the device in the home. The small size of ARES allows it to be comfortably worn in all sleep positions.

ARES™ Screener:

A validated predictor of OSA risk (those in need of a sleep study based on a predicted apnea/hypopnea index > 5 events/hour) and OSA severity (i.e., minimal, mild, moderate or severe) using responses to questions about body type, symptoms of daytime drowsiness, snoring, and other sleep-related characteristics or health conditions associated with OSA. The results can be used to rapidly screen large populations to determine a prior probability of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The results are also used to supplement the physiological data obtained in the ARES Sleep Apnea Study.


RestfulSleep  also utilizes the Itamar Medical Home Sleep  Study Test known as the WatchPat

WatchPat TM  Screener:

• Ease of use: Wrist-worn device  -Only three leads for patients to wear-no canullas, no cumbersome head straps

• Sleep study report in real time 

• Actual sleep time and sleep state

• Access to raw data—enabling standard sleep expert PSG analysis and manual override if deemed professionally necessary. Raw data cannot be altered.

• Lowest failure rate of all sleep apnea ambulatory devices.

• The most precise, user-friendly ambulatory sleep apnea monitor available.