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Traditionaly, a sleep study would assess your sleeping  habits at a defined location.

But for screening purposes, this is quite cumbersome for patients.  You, like many others, are less likely to pursue this option if your physician makes such a referral. 

You are in luck! Technology nowadays has advanced so much that you can be screened from the comfort of your own home.  This is the precise business model we have implemented at RestfulSleep Screenings.  We were greatly alarmed by the number of people who simply would not get the test done due to inconvenience and we have developed this program in order to address that issue.

Most medical insurance nowadays requires a home sleep study test even before a patient is seen at a sleep laboratory.  Do not confuse this screening test with treatment though.  There is a possibility that based on our findings that you may ultimately be referred to such a lab for a more thorough work up and treatment.  This can be critical to your care and managing your medical condition.  You may also may be asked to visit a sleep lab for proper management of your CPAP machine.  The sleep lab can also titrate your CPAP machine to guarantee maximum efficiency.  For those with mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea an Oral Appliance may be indicated.