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What's Next?

What happens after we get your results?  

A board certified sleep physician will download your results and diagnose the findings. He or she will then provide a formal report, similiar to the one at the right, that gives us the diagnosis and insite as to a proper treatment course specifically for you.  Depending on the results of the finding you may be referred to a sleep center for further work up and planning.

Most medical insurance now requires a formal Home Sleep Study (HST) before they will pay for a formal sleep center study analysis and/or diagnosis.  Our sleep coordinators are well versed in the management of your care.  They will promptly and appropriately refer you to the physicians and/or sleep center to properly address your apnea breathing disorder.  Our coordinators are your liasons for this process and are in constant contact with you, making sure you receive the proper follow up and care. It is our job to help you navigate this complex system giving you the best chance of getting the appropriate treatment for your specific needs and circumstanes.