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What The Doctors are Saying…

Tom Bosma

“My involvement with the Dental Sleep Masters program has been nothing but positive and has in fact helped me to become a better physician. It provided an easy pathway for engaging the critical topic of sleep apnea with my patients. They shouldered the load and simply installed a working model that educated my patients and provided a much needed service that allowed me to simply do what I do best while working along side my offices daily procedures. My patients benefitted tremendously and their physiology was made healthier by uncovering a severe sleep issue that would have otherwise derailed my best efforts at getting them healthy. To not uncover sleep apnea is akin to not diagnosing a heart attack before it happens. Education, involvement and prevention make this program key to my success. It’s a blessing to my practice and a reliable partner for my patients.”

Steve Green

“I have been a member of Dental Sleep Masters from the start. Dr Avi Weisfogel has created the absolute best way to identify those people who would benefit most from a sleep study and treatment. And we dentists are a huge part of that. Finally an approach that makes sense to those of us who have been at dental sleep medicine for years. And to have Dr Barry Glassman on board is not just a is worth the financial investment alone! This program has THE leading authority and best speaker on dental sleep in the world today plus a time tested program developed by Dr Weisfogel that you can take to physicians’ offices to provide much needed screening and testing and have you seeing more patients per month than you see in a year ( maybe two) under the current model. The absolute most exciting thing to ever hit  dental sleep medicine, and maybe ever hit dentistry!”

Paul Hinder

“I have been working with DSM for almost a year now. After hard work and continuous guidance from DSM, I am starting to see the fruit! It takes perseverance, but patients are now getting diagnosed and treated a lot more efficiently than the current method in place.”

Rebecca Lauck

Anyone who would like to make Sleep Apnea the focus of their dental practice needs to join this group.  I have been working on this for 15 years and never diagnosed more than 2-3 appliances per month following all the previously suggested protocol.  I can confidently say that after joining the Dental Sleep Masters program those times are in the past.  I have learned how to approach my sleep physicians and other MD’s and now receive their referrals.  This group of doctors have become close friends and confidants.  We share online in the forum, or just emailing and texting.  But our retreats are by far the best, with encouragement and sharing of ideas; brining team members for training, who also share with each other and with the doctors.  Barry and Avi have always been there for me, all it has taken is an email and I will receive a call or email from them both.  This program takes work but they are right by your side.  This is by far the best program and support to achieve a dream of having a Sleep Dental practice.  After 15 frustrating years, this year my practice has taken off in the direction of sleep only

John Bouzis

When I think of Avi it reminds me of a slide put up at a CE seminar years ago that had a cartoon like image running up a long hill with several arrows placed in a target on its behind. The caption: “an innovators reward is an ass full of arrows”. Now this is not the exact picture but you get the visual. So why, you ask, does this remind me of him? Avi, has a vision that some can’t see regarding sleep medicine in this country – he is an innovator or a futurist if you will in regards to this issue. And there are arrows being slung his direction. But, he appears to not take the pot shots taken at him personally in that he stays the course regarding what he knows to be true even though others may question that truth. For me I find his teaching skills a bit “wondering in nature” but the message he delivers regarding the state of dental sleep medicine regarding our present model is clearly accurate in that it needs to be changed. Having struggled with trying to make things happen under the present model it was a very small and quick leap for me to his business model – it is win win for all involved. That speaks to his sense of fairness in my mind. Although it does seem that as sound as the model appears to be, there are challenges, as there always are with new paradigms. I am of the opinion that those challenges are not with the business model itself, but rather within those of us that are trying to implement said model in conjunction with the old ideas we are trying to change in the medical community. Lastly, I believe Avi is a man that says what he will do and does what he says. It is for that reason that he has my trust.

Anthony Palombaro

It has been my pleasure to become involved with Avi through Dental Sleep Masters. He has genuine passion for helping patients and helping the doctors in his program achieve the same success that he has experienced from his unique business model. I look forward to a long and successful relationship.

Anthony Bennardo

For me DSM has given me the step by step strategies I need to implement sleep medicine into my practice. Their true desire and genuine interest to see their doctors succeed and patients get better is what made me join this unique group

Tom Armstrong

Growing a significant dental sleep practice is an exciting process with numerous benefits. It is also extremely challenging with many hurdles to get over. DSM is there to help you do just that. They are putting together the necessary coaching and support their elite group of dentist needs for success. Thanks DSM. I love the program

Ron Reinmiller

If ever there was a recipe for the perfect dental sleep program-this is it. Every ingredient from A to Z has been thoroughly vetted for its validity and efficiency. But most of all, I have the confidence that the clinical, scientific and business expertise of its founders is there for me and with me 24/7 to help and support me. Their genuine integrity and commitment puts them in a league all their own, as simply the best there is.

Michael Tong

Well on my last email what i didn’t mention was that i still have 5 more new office meetings that i have scheduled that i have not done yet and 3 more offices i am trying to schedule a return meeting with the rest of the doctors in the office that said that they have interest but will get back to me. I still have 3 potential pot of gold where the doctor i spoke with was interested but was not the deciding doctor but was able to get my foot into the door to arrange for a meeting with the managing doctor(s).( still work in progress) One is a 3 office with 6 doctors each with a staff of 20 with one of the doctor in one of those 3 offices owning 3 offices by himself each with a staff of 10. Only lord knows how may patients that translates to . Another is a 5 office group practice but i will only be able to handle 3 due to the distance from my office, still potential 70-75 patients a day and of course that big office that i landed last week.I was suppose to meet with 3 out of the 6 doctors but only met with one but unknown to me at the meeting , he was the managing partner and decision maker. And of course the office that i mentioned to you in March that has 8 doctors and sees 75 patients a day, 2 of the 8 doctors were interested and they wanted me to return to speak with the other 6 doctors all together but having trouble getting all 8 together at one time, but i will not give up, even if it takes me 3 months to get another meeting. So with this model , will i see 50 sleep patients a month… probably… will i see 150 sleep patients in a month… do able… will i see 250 a month…. possible… will i see 500 sleep patients a month…time will tell.

Sal Aragona DDS

The one thing I would add is the investment in Dental Sleep Masters is in ourselves. I am a CE nut and consummate implementer. Some of us are really efficient at incorporating new paths and information into a fabulous ROI. Absolutely the best investment anyone can make in any venture is the investment in yourself. This is what I think we are purchasing is a program in which we have arguably the top guns in Dental Sleep mentoring others to be duplicated again and again. Can the process be improved upon……always!

Not everyone can look at things in a global fashion so I am blessed to see the big picture. And I am blessed to know both Avi and Barry have this amazing opportunity to learn sleep business from the best.”

“I am in two physician offices (Clinton Township & Waterford, MI)  with my solutions LLC, a cardiologist and an internal medicine practice since January 2015. This has currently translated to about 9 OA/month. We are working hard to get the efficiency up at both offices in terms of patients screened, positives tested and case acceptance up with working with our sleep coordinators and the docs/staff. Developing monthly trend metrics to measure this all so we keep on top of it. I am in the process of freeing up half of my time in my dental practice to more fully work on my sleep business. I am on the tip of the iceberg in several opportunities that will explode a tsunami of OA cases I will treat to 50/m and beyond.