Upon the recommendation of the provider, the Sleep Coordinator preauthorizes the patient’s insurance to establish coverage for the home sleep study.   Once authorized and approved by the provider, the Sleep Coordinator will either distribute a study (providing hands on instructions) or schedule the patient for a home sleep study. The Sleep Coordinator dispenses the HSS to the patient along with hands-on instruction and education on its use. The patient is also instructed on how to access 24/7 support for any questions.  All study information is stored within the sleep study apparatus for interpretation upon its return. Study information is downloaded by our Sleep Coordinator and stored on a HIPPA compliant secure internet portal.  The study  is then interpreted by a designated board certified sleep physician who will then make recommendations for any needed therapies in line with the policy of the AASM.  Patients then return for consults and are directed to therapy with the sleep coordinator acting as a liaison, guiding the patients through their therapy.