Sleep Medicine is a relatively new science that continues to struggle with its practice model.  The model has been complicated by the realization that oral appliance therapy may not be inferior to CPAP when we look at the most important criteria – mean disease alleviation.  The work of Custuli, Sullivan, and Anandam highlights the essential role of oral appliance therapy in any sleep medicine model.

In 1997 Young reported that 90 percent of those with obstructive sleep apnea were undiagnosed.  Despite the significant increase in awareness of the disorder and the realization of the relationship of OSA to potentially fatal co-morbidities, the fact is that the 90 percent undiagnosed number remains essentially unchanged.

Dentists have been trying for years to increase the awareness of the potential of oral appliance therapy.  For many reasons, this has been very problematic.  Attempts to form networks with dentists and physicians have failed.  National advertising efforts have failed.  Attempts to improve relationships between the medical and dental professions have essentially failed.  And all of these attempts have failed because the real problems had not been identified.

The Dental Sleep Masters has not only identified the problems in sleep medicine, but it also offers solutions.  It offers solutions to  the patients who are most at risk, those with severe co-morbidites, so that  they can be tested easily.  It provides education and motivation to those patients so that they can be  treated appropriately according to the standards established by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  And it does all this while creating a win -win  situation for those involved in the sleep world.

The existing model leaves most patients with the disorder unidentified and allows many treated patients to fall through the cracks, and in the long run,  remain untreated.  On the medical side, dentists see limited numbers of patients, creating a competitive environment between dentistry and medicine.  Consequently, knee jerk reactions and previous anecdotal experiences lead to biases against both CPAP and oral appliance therapy.    Our model eliminates the competitive environment and allows the patient to be triaged appropriately and treated in their best interest. The increased patient load in this improved model creates a community of physicians and dentists working together as a team in a patient centric system.  This cooperation results in a model that identifies patients who NEED treatment and offers them a 90 percent chance at compliance with therapy.  The therapy options are presented in an unbiased manner and patients receive the most effective therapy for their individual needs!

Dr. Barry Glassman has teamed with Dr. Avi Weisfogel to create the Dental Sleep Masters Model.  The goal is to use a proven, tested, and vetted practice model and to guide dentists through it, in order to dramatically change the way patients are diagnosed, referred and treated.  The results are an improved potential to diagnose the very patients that require treatment – those who already have significant co-morbidities associated with OSA. 

We have combined top level education in sleep medicine with the Dental Sleep Masters Practice Model.  

Our level one clinical course teaches all you need to know to implement sleep medicine immediately into your office.  It teaches how to screen patients, as well as the most effective and efficient ways to have the patient properly diagnosed by a certified sleep physician.  Our basic dental sleep medicine courses are comprehensive, allowing you to  immediately begin treating those patients who have been diagnosed and are non-compliant with CPAP therapy.  The DSM model gives the dentist the option to simply add dental sleep medicine to his growing practice, or within a short time, limit the practice to sleep medicine.

Our DSM program includes all levels of education, including a course in advanced sleep medicine (Level II course).  Our educational team is headed Dr. Barry Glassman and includes Dr. Kent Smith.  We are thrilled to have both of these key thought leaders and excellent teachers on our team.  In addition to our courses, we have  quarterly retreats that are an integral and key part of our educational  program. Retreats include advanced presentations and continued extensive learning opportunities. At these popular retreats, our dentists not only continue to acquire knowledge, but also have the benefit of  learning from their colleagues as they share their experiences in the model.  DSM then provides our own private internet forum monitored daily by Dr.  Glassman where our dentists continue to benefit from their shared experiences.

Our Level 3 course is our Business Course.  This in depth immersion into the Dental Sleep Masters Practice Model is a primary component to your success.  By this time, you would have already begun to  treat the patients that have been uncovered as CPAP non-compliant from your office screenings, and the time would have arrived  to put this massively improved model into play. This step will lead to “unlimited” numbers of patients in need of oral appliance therapy.

Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Dental Sleep Masters Community?

Dental Sleep Masters is a group of dentists committed to making our  members the most highly trained and most efficient sleep dentists in the country, while showing them a way to treat many of the patients that previously would have been undiagnosed.  While several of our  many doctors will, in time, limit their practices to dental sleep medicine, others fully intend to continue practicing dentistry and simply allow the sleep portion to play a larger role in their practices.

We are not a political organization.  We are here to help our members in any way we can.  We are here to change the landscape in the world of sleep.  Our goal is to have dentists playing their appropriate significant role in the sleep model, allowing them to make a huge dent in the 90% undiagnosed population of sleep disorders.  The  goal is to expand our community of true professionals into a team of dedicated, highly trained colleagues who serve the best interests of their  patients.

What are some of the features that make this program unique and comprehensive?

  • Education
  • Business Model
  • One on one guidance; a true coaching program
  • On site visits

Never before has there been an organization able to blend the clinical excellence with business mastery.  Our dentists should see more patients than any other dentists in the country and be able to treat them with the highest quality possible. 

Why should I join?

  • I want to be part of a group that changed the world of sleep.  I understand that the current model is broken, and that DSM model offers solutions.
  • I want to be in the top 10% of sleep dentists.
  • I want to have practice dedicated solely to treating sleep.
  • I am interested in saving people’s lives and improving the quality of their lives. I want to be part of that community of professionals who has made the effort to create a patient centric system and truly keeps their eyes on the target of patient care.
  • I am interested in economic growth and security for my family.
  • I want to grow my implant and full mouth rehab practice from an untapped market
  • I am looking for a unique way to grow my practice.
  • I want to have friends for life who share my vision.
  • I enjoy treating sleep patients, and want to learn how to be more effective and make my practiced more enjoyable.
  • General dentistry is physically difficult and taxing.  I want to continue practicing, but would like the practice to be  less physically demanding.

If I have never seen more than 10 patients a month, how exactly will I see more patients with your group?

Avi Weisfogel heads our business team.  Avi has developed a system unlike anything you have ever witnessed before in sleep.  In an average month, his practice sees over 200 patients per month.   Of course, the key isn’t simply the potential production as a result of the increased patient load,  but the realization that many of these patients would never have been identified and treated if it weren’t for the DSM model.  At the same time, hundreds of previously unidentified patients with severe OSA are referred to the sleep lab for CPAP titration and CPAP therapy under the guidance of the sleep physician.   As part of this group, you will be taught this system.   You will be guided both in in courses, at retreats, and on a personal basis with written business plans and site visits.  We are committed to our member success both from a clinical and business standpoint.

I have been burned by spending money in the past and have lost a lot of money with groups like yours.  What makes you so different?

Our group is led by dentists.  We are not a marketing company.  We have all been there.  As a matter of fact, many of us have been in that same position, having spent hundreds of thousands fruitlessly.

The DSM model is unique.   We are not promising you that patients will be delivered to your door.  We are, however, teaching and guiding you to do the same exact thing that has resulted in our success.  You may have attended courses that sounded great and returned to your office with plans of immediately implementing sleep medicine into your practice, only to find that you left with more questions than answers.  When you leave our courses, your mind will not only be filled with life changing ideas; you will leave with the confidence that we are going to be there to help you implement all of these ideas until you achieve your goals. We are not interested in having you make an investment in a course and leave never to see us again. (As a matter of fact if you join our company, we insist that you put in a minimum of 3 hours per week on your sleep practice, and have instituted a coaching system that allows us to track your progress.) We are committed to your success.  This program is a direct investment in you and your future.

Unlike other programs, this is more than “membership.”  This is a coaching program that recognizes and accepts your individuality and your needs.  This is not a guide to help you in the existing system – this is a business plan for a unique model. 

Other than new patients what comes with my membership?

  • Sleep education program at all levels taught by Dr. Barry Glassman and Dr. Kent Smith
  • Individual guidance in the business model by Dr. Avi Weisfogel
  • Weekly Phone Calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Frequent course availability
  • Qualified staff supporting all levels
  • Access to one of the best billing companies in the country at special member rates
  • The best online forum in sleep
  • Discounts for appliances and many other vendors
  • Our commitment to your success
  • Frequent webinars to discuss progress and share information and updates
  • New product review and testing
  • Advisory Board of respected experts
  • The documents you need to make it legal
  • Access to our legal counsel
  • All the backup literature you need right at your fingertips
  • Favored status with many vendors including software, billing companies, etc.
  • The ability to expand your practice without spending time and money on public advertising
  • On site visits to help expand the model in your community
  • The knowledge that you spearheaded the effort in your community to improve the landscape of sleep medicine in a way that provided literally thousands of people treatment that they desperately needed.

And even more…….